Michael Vazquez

      Michael Vazquez is a sponsored athlete,fitness model,breakdancer and online coach based in Inglewood, California. Michael was meet hard times in his journey. Watchout his Video.

Michael Vazquez

Fitness Model

NameMichael Vazquez
Age33 Years (1985)
Birth PlaceInglewood, California
Weight185 - 195 lbs (83.9 - 88.5 kg)
Height5'10'' ( 177.5 cm)
ProfessionSponsored Athlete, Breakdancer, Fitness Model, Online Coach

     Michael Vazquez is a sponsored athlete, fitness model, breakdancer, and online coach based in Inglewood, California. Michael was someone who endured difficult times in the beginning of his fitness journey. But eventually, Michael rose above his life’s difficulties to became a success.

     During his childhood, a lack of a father figure led to self-confidence issues in Michael’s early life. During this time, he had little to no motivation for fitness, where he turned alcohol in order to mask his pain. After many endless nights partying, Michael soon realized things needed to change when became a father – a turning point in his life had now been reached.

     Michael pushed himself further than he had ever gone before, to become the role model that his son deserved. He strived to become the best possible version of himself, ensuring a successful future for not only himself, but also his family.

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