How to Increase Vascularity


     Today we are going to cover the “Vascularity”. How we increase our vascularity ? How to become more vascular ? Often people ask how we increase/pop our veins ? Let me give you some deep information on this , so that you have the answer before next time you ask.

     Vascularity means more pump, how much prominent are our veins during workout. Many people say my biceps size is good but I don’t see my veins. Vascularity doesn’t matter what’s your size.

     Now vascularity is very popular in Fitness & Bodybuilding. Veins are more prominent, especially when you compete in bodybuilding and vascularity increase your overall body look and make you more attractive.

     Let’s assume two boys with same age, same weight, same muscle mass, same body fat but one boy’s vascularity is more than other, then the boy with more vascularity look different, he will be more attractive. But one thing I can tell you, perhaps most people knows that girls and women do not like more vascularity in their body. But guys want good prominent veins, but not too much that feel awkward. Always plus point, if guys have good prominent veins.

  • Cephalic Vein


     Let’s talk about arms veins. Our most prominent veins is “Cephalic Vein”. Cephalic vein is vein that first appears in our body and this is the thickest vein in our body. Also a lot of people with more body fat have visible Cephalic veins.

     If your Cephalic vein is not visible that means you have too much body fat. Veins also a genetic. There are many people who do not exercise and body fat is also high, but Cephalic vein is still visible. You know that genetically more veins people is only 2 -3 out of 100 people and others will have to work hard. You also know that genetics includes in our overall body but they still 1% to 2% out of 100%.

  • Tips to Increase Vascularity

1. Lower the Body Fat


           Firstly, your body fat should be reduced to increase vascularity. Now the question is how much fat should be ? Means less than 10% body fat. When you have less than 10% body fat your vascularity is already increased.

          Now what to do to lower the body fat is to follow the Caloric Deficit diet and follow fat loss program.

2. Decrease the Water Retention


          In many people under the skin, there is a lot of water or any other fluid inside the muscle is retained and your vascularity is not visible. If you want to decrease water retention you can follow these steps :-

          Drink 5 litre per day of water for 3 days and reduce your sodium intake. After 3 days cut the water down for 1 – 1.5 days. When you cut down the water your body will flush out the water from muscles and then your veins are more visible.

3. Increase Body Temperature 


          You can see that if your body temperature is high and in a gym during workout, your body temperature is rising, at these moment if you squeeze your biceps you can able to see more veins than the lower temperature body.

          Before going to gym and during photo shoots you can temporarily make veins visible by blow drying your skin.

4. Supplements


          If your body fat is in single digit, you have muscle mass and your body don’t retained water, then after adding supplements you go to next level. Next level means your veins pop/visible more.

After adding supplements you get more blood flow in your veins. More blood flow means your veins get more broadness. Supplements that increase vascularity – L-Arginine & Citrulline – 1000 mg.

L-Arginine helps to increase the blood flow. More blood flow means more nutrients travelling in our veins. You can add L-Arginine & Citrulline in your pre-workout. Other nutrient that helps to increase vascularity is Vitamin C & E.

 All above information is from Guru Mann.

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